A Message from the Editor

Today wraps up Turf & Rec’s inaugural Earth Week as we celebrate Earth Day. We wish to thank our sponsors Marmic Solutions and Green Works. Be sure to visit their websites (see below) for more information about their line of products. As we move through the next 12 months, more information will be posted to our Earth Week page so that you can stay abreast of new trends and innovations.
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Marmic Solutions specializes in innovative, environmentally responsible products for turf management, soil care and water treatment.

These are products that are developed to be safe, economical and effective, while sustaining today’s environmental balance.

“Earth Week” friendly products, include wetting agents, liquid kelps, pond algae treatment, grub control, specialty composts, micronized humic acids, turf recovery and soil amendments.

These are innovative solutions, for the environmentally conscious user.
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There’s always a cost to acquiring new equipment, but Greenworks Commercial equipment is a great investment that pays for itself. Battery-powered equipment will save your business big bucks in fuel savings alone! With no fuel to purchase at record high prices at the pumps, battery equipment offer savings every day.

Greenworks equipment also uses brushless motor technology that has fewer moving parts, a long-life cycle and requires virtually no maintenance … providing additional cost savings!
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