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Flooded ball diamond attracts carp, upsets nudists

A flooded baseball field on Toronto's Centre Island has become a new home for carp that find the swamping waters attractive for spawning, but it's not baseball players upset with the situation. It's nudists.

City seeks public input on parks and rec plans

Public input is being sought by the City of Brampton, Ont. as to how the municipality should invest in parks and recreation facilities over the next 15 years, including the construction of 10 new fields.

Halifax soccer team hinges on getting suitable field

Efforts to land a Canadian Premier League soccer team in Halifax are moving closer to reality with the rehabilitation of the Wanderers Grounds at the Halifax Common. The league will not accept a Halifax team unless it has a satisfactory place to play.

Regina sprays for above average tree pest populations

Spraying has begun in Regina, Sask. to keep tent caterpillars and cankerworms under control. The city has seen above average populations of the pest insects so far this year and is using an environmentally friendly pesticide to keep its trees in a healthy state.
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Removal of uninfected ash trees upsets residents

Residents of one of Barrie, Ont.'s older neighbourhoods aren't pleased with the city's plans to remove century-old ash trees that are not yet infected by the emerald ash borer. They argue the trees can be treated with a pesticide so that they can be saved. » Read more...


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