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Pipe installation may cost Calgary park 277 trees

A large pipe being installed under a Calgary park to carry stormwater before it is treated and fed to the Glenmore Reservoir may prompt the removal of as many as 277 trees. The pipe is a necessary component of the construction of the Calgary ring road at North Glenmore Park.

Good Samaritans rescue deer caught in soccer net

A large doe entangled in a soccer net in Coxheath, N.S. earlier this week was rescued by a group of Good Samaritans who calmed the animal and cut it free. It is believed the deer was trapped for several hours in the netting "like a fish in a net."

N.B. golf course initiates hunt for Canada geese

A New Brunswick golf course has been transformed into a hunting ground as efforts are underway to eradicate an overpopulation of Canada geese. The number of geese taking up residence at the Riverside Country Club in Rothesay has posed a serious health and safety issue.

Hamilton ready to begin battle against gypsy moth

The City of Hamilton, Ont. will spend $2.5 million in its battle against the gypsy moth that threatens trees throughout the municipality. Plans are to drop a pesticide called BTK from the sky, to blanket areas under threat by the insect.
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Pro athletes say artificial turf can shorten careers

In spite of studies that suggest there is no correlation between artificial turf fields and injuries sustained by those who play on the synthetic surfaces, the professional athletes who play the majority of their games on artificial turf say otherwise. Almost 90 per cent of NFL players say they believe artificial turf is more likely to shorten their playing careers. » Read More

Landscape Ontario IPM Symposium

Jan. 8, 2017
Location: Cohen Ballroom, Toronto, Ont
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Landscape Ontario Congress

Jan. 9-11, 2018
Location: Toronto, Ont.
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