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Nematode shows promise against grubs

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Ontario’s cosmetic pesticide ban, and some lawn care professionals are still lamenting that they can no longer use some of the pest control products they once took for granted.

Edmonton to use iron chelate to fight dandelions

An iron chelate herbicide will be applied to 60 per cent of Edmonton's sports fields this year to combat dandelions. No longer able to use 2,4-D, the city will apply the iron-based herbicide up to four times this summer.

Toronto’s integrated plant health care program

The City of Toronto's parks, forestry and recreation department is dedicated toward delivering safe and functional parkland and providing the economical, environmental and aesthetic recreational values associated with healthy parkland. Helping to meet the city's mandate is its integrated plant health care program that was founded in 2002 in response to new pesticide legislation Toronto was ready to adopt.

Keep your yard tidy or be fined

Residents of Brampton, Ont. are being told to keep their properties neat and tidy or face being fined. Five areas are being targeted in the city bylaw: trees, grass and weeds, stagnant water, debris and boulevard maintenance.

Ticks can leave undetected health problems

With summer right around the corner, it's time to watch out for ticks. The tiny insects spread Lyme disease, but, for many, seemingly unrelated health problems can exist for years without them knowing.
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Customers need education to keep lawns weed-free

Lawn care professionals need to get out in front of a problem before it starts, incorporating integrated pest management into their programs, an audience of lawn care practitioners attending the Ontario Turfgrass Symposium were told in February. » Read More

West coast supers cutting back on pesticide use

Several of British Columbia's west coast golf courses have made tremendous strides over the past decade in their reduction of pesticide usage. Cultivating healthier grass to outcompete moss and other pests has become the focus for these superintendents. » Read more...

Options abound for overseeding of sports fields

When overseeding athletic fields, sports turf managers have a number of options as to the varieties and species from which to choose, with the objective being to achieve a safe playing surface. » Read more...

Insect to cost Winnipeg $1M-plus over next decade

A new report by Winnipeg's public works department said the city can expect more than a $1-million hit over the next decade in its battle against the emerald ash borer. The destructive insect made its first official appearance in Manitoba in the fall. » Read more...

Extinction of ash trees could wreak havoc on ecosystems

The emerald ash borer could potentially lead to the extinction of ash trees in Canada and wreak havoc on the ecosystems the tree species supports. The removal of ash trees along riverbanks would no longer filter runoff and capture sediment, and the open spaces created by the trees' removal would invite the arrival of invasive plants. » Read more...

21st annual Snow & Ice Conference

June 26-29, 2018
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
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