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September 19, 2018
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Halifax testing winter resilience of palm trees

The City of Halifax is testing the resilience of palm trees during the winter season in Dartmouth parks. A total of nine cold-hardy palm trees have been planted in four parks to see how they will fare once temperatures plummet.

Fake caterpillars contribute to tree study

Researchers in Montreal are hoping to learn more about invasive species in trees by placing 800 fake caterpillars on trees to attract predators. The goal is to attract such predators as birds and spiders and then study which caterpillars are left behind.

Inoculate trees against ash borer, Tree Canada urges Fredericton

A Tree Canada spokesman says Fredericton's ash tree population could survive the threat of the emerald ash borer if the city inoculates its trees next year with a larvae-killing vaccine.

Activists hope to stop further bulldozing of trees in protected zone

A London, Ont. woman is wondering how a developer was granted permission to bulldoze about 500 pine trees in one of the city's designated tree protection zones. She and several activists successfully blocked the developer's efforts to knock the trees down on Monday after blockading the area.

Toronto’s oldest tree spared by city

The life of a 350-year-old red oak tree in Toronto has been spared after city council granted permission to city staff to negotiate acquisition of the North York home whose yard houses the tree.
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Ice storm

1998 ice storm launched Quebec arborist’s career

The 1998 ice storm that crippled eastern Ontario and western Quebec, leaving thousands without power, had one redeeming quality. It launched the career of a Quebec arborist who is celebrating 20 years in business this year. » Read More

Welland’s oldest ash tree succumbs to ash borer

A 250-year-old ash tree, believed to be the oldest ash in Welland, Ont., has fallen victim to the wrath of the destructive emerald ash borer. » Read more...

Excessive dry heat in Winnipeg adds to already stressed trees

Record-setting dry heat this summer in Winnipeg has become the latest threat against the city's urban forest. The city is already bracing itself against Dutch elm disease, the emerald ash borer and the cottony ash psyllid, but now a lack of moisture and high temperatures have combined to add to trees' stress levels. » Read more...

Ottawa homeowners given deal to replace ash trees

The City of Ottawa and South Nation Conservation have teamed up to offer homeowners a break in the cost of removing and replacing ash trees damaged by the invasive emerald ash borer. Ottawa homeowners will be eligible for up to $500 per tree to a maximum of 10 trees. » Read more...

Trees perform best if watered wisely

Trees need water. No kidding, right? The need for water is probably the simplest concept of plant growth, however, a commonly overlooked fact is that tree health in managed landscapes usually suffers more from excess or improper irrigation than from lack of irrigation. There are a number of reasons why tree health suffers from improper irrigation, some direct and some related to secondary issues such as disease or decay. » Read more...


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