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September 20, 2019

11 trees cut at Fredericton’s Officers’ Square

Eleven trees were cut down this week at Fredericton's Officers' Square in preparation for coming construction, but one tree in particular has sparked outrage among a local theatre troupe and its followers.

Sustainable planting helps mitigate climate change

The Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods (SUN) program in Peterborough has increased opportunities for sustainable landscaping, supporting the installation of more than 1,600 square metres or gardens and trees across the Kawartha Heights and Curtis Creek neighbourhoods.

Non-native tree causes chaos in B.C. neighbourhood

The roots of non-native black locust trees are ripping up driveways, choking pipes and sprouting unsafe roots in a Ladysmith, B.C. neighbourhood, and residents are fed up to the point where they're taking the matter to city hall.

Winnipeggers urged to prepare for ash borer reality

With about three-quarters of Winnipeg's ash trees rooted on private property, residents are being urged to tune into the reality of the potential destruction the invasive emerald ash borer poses.

Toronto hopes to save thousands of ash trees with insect growth inhibitor

The City of Toronto is hoping to save 8,500 of its catalogued 13,000 ash trees by injecting them with an insect growth inhibitor aimed at stunting the growth of the destructive emerald ash borer and rendering them less lethal.
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Donnie McPhee

Plan: deep-freeze ash tree seeds to preserve species

The co-ordinator for the National Tree Seed Centre in Fredericton says ash tree seeds can be stored at the centre's deep freeze vaults for replanting by future generations as the continuing onslaught of the emerald ash borer may completely wipe out every ash tree in Canada. » Read More

Ottawa launches program to help pay for removal, replacement of ash trees

A joint program between the City of Ottawa and the local conservation authority devised to curb the spread of the emerald ash borer is working, and the city will help pay for the removal and replacement of ash trees on residential properties. » Read more...

Asian enemy of ash borer offers hope in N.B. town

The emerald ash borer has no known natural predators in Canada, so why not import one of its natural enemies from its native Asia to help reduce populations of the destructive pest? » Read more...

Ice storm-damaged trees coming down in Montreal

The ice storm of 1998 has finally taken its toll on several trees in Montreal's la Fontaine Park. Over the next two years, the city will be felling about 132 trees that have hollowed out from the impact of the ice storm 21 years ago. » Read more...

At least 1,000 ash trees to be cut in Quebec City

An unexpected surge in the population of the emerald ash borer in Quebec City has prompted the city to cut down at least 1,000 trees in parks and along city streets. » Read more...

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