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Today is Day Two of Turf & Rec’s first Equipment Week, with a focus on turf care equipment. Be sure to visit our website (turfandrec.com) and go to the Equipment Week feature to learn more about such other equipment products as autonomous and battery-powered equipment, hand-held equipment and mowers..

The dangers of digging and how to avoid potential trouble

Whether you’re using a hand shovel or an excavator, an earth drill or a trencher, a hole is a hole, and there are several safety precautions that come along with a digging project.

Getting the most bang for your buck

There’s no doubt about it. If you’re a sports turf manager, you’re operating on a tight budget. That’s why you have to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to the equipment you buy.

Best management practices for sports turf

Within the professional turf and grounds maintenance industry, the sports turf sector is lagging behind when it comes to best maintenance practices.

Machine makes fall cleanup a breeze

Sandwiched between a busy summer full of landscape projects and a never-ending winter of snow and ice removal, fall is often a hectic time of the year for many landscape professionals.

Small loaders produce big benefits

There’s no question that compact track loaders are one of a jobsite’s most versatile tools.

Health and safety: skid steer safety

In September 2017, a construction worker at a housing development in Alberta was killed by crush injuries while operating a skid-steer machine.

Landscaper does the work of several implements

Reist Industries’ Landscaper (Cat 1) does the work of a clodbreaker/pulverizer, harrow, box grader, ripper and grass seeder.

AeraSeeder’s design allows for maximum seed spread accuracy

Reist Industries’ 48-inch AeraSeeder boasts a number of features for effective seeding jobs.

Trenching precision pays

Every day we benefit greatly from the precision achieved when professionals use tools designed specifically for their jobs.

Turf tarping made simpler

An assistant golf superintendent has come up with an idea that simplifies the deployment and collection of turf covers, reduces the amount of labour involved in their implementation, and significantly extends their shelf life.

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