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Public outcry coerces Elliot Lake council not to sell Stone Ridge Golf Course to investor

The decision comes after six weeks of closed-door meetings. A proposal had been made to sell the property to a private investor for $1.5 million, but the public was baffled by council’s handling of the affair.

Plans for artificial turf football field at Thorold, Ont. park not sitting well with residents

To accommodate the field, it means having to relocate a splash pad and playground that currently exist on the site. But they are also riled by what they feel was a rushed call for public input for the proposal, leaving only a week to provide feedback.

Emerald ash borer can survive much colder temperatures than earlier thought: research

The study at the Great Lakes Forestry Centre was undertaken after it was learned many insects survived a polar vortex event in Winnipeg with temperatures dropping to almost minus 50 degrees Celsius.

Customers of previously convicted snow removal operators cry foul

Previously convicted of animal abuse, operators of a Toronto-based snow removal company are back in hot water, accused of not fulfilling snow-clearing contracts with their customers.
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Bunkers, Pits & Other Hazards: A Guide to the Design, Maintenance, and Preservation of Golf’s Essential Elements

You are holding a book about inconveniences. But, unlike those unpleasant interruptions in life when we bite into a sour strawberry or encounter a pothole that costs us an expensive new tire, the interruptions covered here lead a dual life. While they are inconvenient on the surface, they are essential to the core. They force decisions. The correct routes will bring triumph and even fame. The bad choices will bring ruin and even long-term fears. The risky paths—whether conquered or failed—intensify the experience.

As every golfer knows, hazards are the heart and soul of the game of golf. Hazards come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations, from sand bunkers and waste areas to lakes and natural watercourses. Their placement and use in design are the most defining components of a golf course.
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Golf course management

The evolution of golf course management through the years

Sometimes, observations made after a passing of time are the most meaningful. The wonders of today may not be the wonders of tomorrow. Golf course management strategies over time have evolved. » Read more...

SIMA Snow & Ice Symposium

June 21-24, 2022
Location: Milwaukee, WI
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