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Ontario set to overhaul workplaces with Working for Workers Five Act

Ontario is continuing to revamp workplace rules in the province as it unveils the fifth instalment of its "Working for Workers" acts.

Officer convicted of on-duty rape no longer with Royal Newfoundland Constabulary

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary says an officer convicted in 2021 of raping a woman while on duty is no longer with the force. A police spokesman could not say if Carl Douglas Snelgrove resigned or if he was fired, since the force cannot comment publicly on human resources matters.

Government employees in B.C. told to change passwords following cyberattack at London Drugs

The Office of the Chief Information Officer confirmed the urgent password change requests began rolling out government-wide shortly after dozens of London Drugs locations shut down due to a cyberattack.

Canadian companies' AI policies aim to balance risk with rewards

When talent search platform Plum noticed ChatGPT sending ripples through the tech world and beyond, it decided to turn right to the source to lay out how staff could and couldn't use the generative artificial intelligence chatbot.

Dividend hike, CEO pay questioned at BCE annual meeting following job cuts

Frustration over BCE Inc.'s 4,800 job cuts earlier this year spilled over at the company's annual general meeting last week, as investors and employees questioned executives on their compensation during a period of belt-tightening for staff.


Headhunting risks: Inducements in recruitment can lead to increased liability in dismissals

When attempting to fill a position, especially a key role, employers will often look to recruit employees who are currently in that same (or a similar) role at a different organization and who show great experience or potential. While “poaching” an individual who is already employed can be beneficial for gaining important experience and talent for the company, there is also some risk to this approach. » Read More...

Exploring unresolved conflict and why leaders must learn to address it

Most employees and leaders know there is no shortage of conflict in the workplace. It is estimated that 85% of employees at all levels experience conflict. One United States study reported that around $359 billion is paid per hour, or 2.8 hours per week is lost due to conflict. What may be most alarming is that over 50% of conflict is unresolved. » Read More...
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Aetna agrees to settle lawsuit over fertility coverage for LGBTQ+ customers

Aetna has agreed to settle a lawsuit that accused the health insurer of discriminating against LGBTQ+ customers in need of fertility treatment. » Read More...

Cambodia's Supreme Court upholds the 2-year prison sentence of a casino strike leader

Cambodia’s Supreme Court on Friday upheld the two-year prison sentence of a labor union leader who led a long-running strike against the country’s biggest casino. » Read More...

Workers and activists across Europe and Asia hold May Day rallies to call for greater labor rights

Workers, activists and others across Europe and Asia took to the streets last week to mark May Day with protests over rising prices and government labour policies and calls for greater labour rights. » Read More...


Solving teacher shortages depends on coming together around shared aspirations for children

It’s impossible to ignore headlines announcing the predicted shortage of teachers both across Canada and globally. In British Columbia, there has been an almost triple increase in uncertified adults covering classrooms. In Ontario, the not-for-profit organization People for Education reports being surprised at how “extreme” the shortage is. » Read More...

Can I take your order – and your data? The hidden reason retailers are replacing staff with AI bots

You might have seen viral videos of Wendy’s drive-thru customers in the United States ordering their fast food from the firm’s generative AI bot Wendy’s FreshAI. Most show a very human-like transaction punctuated with cries of amazement at how fast, accurate and polite the system is. » Read More...


Partners in Prevention H&S Conference – Superior 

May 14, 2024 | Delta Hotels by Marriott Sault Ste. Marie Waterfront » Read More

Partners in Prevention H&S Conference

June 20, 2024 | Holiday Inn Sudbury »

SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2024

June 23, 2024 | McCormick Place, Chicago » Register Now