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Xtreme Compatibility

The only patented Dual-Salt Technology glyphosate available in Canada
Credit® Xtreme with Dual-Salt Technology™ combines both potassium and IPA salts. IPA salts allow for easier mixing with Phenoxy herbicides, even in hard water environments. Potassium salts work fast to deliver extreme control on weeds like lamb’s-quarter’s and velvetleaf, while the Dual-Salt Technology offers excellent crop safety to glyphosate-tolerant crops.

Credit Xtreme

Plus, this patented 540 g/L formulation comes fully loaded with adjuvants and surfactants mixed in to make your job simpler. And with more active ingredient in less volume, you can treat up to 60 acres with just one case.

Credit Xtreme

Get extreme compatibility and extreme weed control with Credit Xtreme. Contact your retailer or visit


For specific application rates, directions, mixing instructions and precautions, read the product label. Please visit to download a full label.

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