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Optimize® ST – Breakthrough Performance for Your Soybeans

Optimize® ST – Breakthrough Performance for Your Soybeans

For higher yield potential and better returns for your customers, pre-treat your soybean seed with Optimize® ST inoculant.

Optimize® ST is a retailer-applied dual-action inoculant that combines a specially selected Bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculant with LCO (lipochitooligosaccharide) technology to increase nitrogen fixation through better nodule formation. Enhanced nutrient capability supports root and shoot growth – providing greater yield potential for your crop.

Benefits of Using Optimize® ST

  • Includes an elite strain of Bradyrhizobium japonicum and LCO to help with effective nodulation.
  • Increased nitrogen fixation through nodule formation.
  • Enhanced nutrient capability, which supports root and shoot growth.
  • Broad seed treatment compatibility with up to 220 days on-seed stability depending on the seed treatment used.*
With Optimize® ST, the plant does not need to wait for the LCO signal as it is delivered on the seed, potentially reducing the time required for this process to occur naturally and therefore, accelerating nodulation and nitrogen fixation to the young crop.

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