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Powerful pre-seed burndown
is within your grasp.

BlackHawk® – delivers a strong burndown for battling tough weeds like glyphosate-resistant fleabane, and giant and common ragweed in your soybeans, cereals and corn. When mixed with Credit® Xtreme, BlackHawk provides faster, more complete weed control than glyphosate and Group 2 herbicides alone.

Get early season results with BlackHawk.
  • The only pre-formulated burndown solution with two active ingredients and two modes of action
  • Added flexibility to spray up to one day post-planting in soybeans*
  • Tank mixable with most pre-emergent herbicides
  • No surfactant required
Watch BlackHawk at work on glyphosate-resistant giant ragweed and Canada fleabane.

Ask your local retailer for more information.

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*For soybeans: soybeans must be planted 1 inch deep
Always read and follow label directions.
BlackHawk® is a registered trademark of Nufarm Agriculture Inc.
Credit® is a registered trademark of Nufarm Limited