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Weeds Won’t Know What Hit Them



The trusted standard in corn seed treatment that protects against early season insects.


Lumivia™ insecticide seed treatment offers serious protection against key early season insect pests. Early-season insect pests pose a serious threat to your corn crop’s yield potential and profitability; Lumivia delivers excellent broad-spectrum protection.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • Lumivia offers outstanding protection against key early-season insect pests, including control of wireworm, white grub and cutworm, plus suppression of seedcorn maggot.
  • Protecting corn with Lumivia helps develop uniform and healthy stands that maximize yield potential.
  • Lumivia simplifies your seed treatment decision by offering immediate protection of seed and seedlings. It’s a valuable tool for an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Strategy, reducing the environmental impact while minimizing administrative record-keeping.
  • Field trials show that Lumivia treated corn plants had superior size and vigour as compared to the fungicide only treatment.
Weeds Won’t Know What Hit Them
  1. Results from large scale grower managed field trials across Western Canada in 2015.
  2. Source: 192 DuPont Research & Development (replicated) trials and Grower Demo strip trials (2010-2015).
  3. Source: Canola yield averaged across 137 Grower Demo Strips, Western Canada (2013-2015).