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Beans. Yield. Easy.

We cut the fluff, because you need seed that delivers reliable results.


Brevant™ seeds offers you the latest soybean technology, locally tested. Our top-performing soybean varieties come in a range of maturities for all regions, to provide you with excellent yield potential and consistent performance.


Get your choice of traits, including NEW Enlist E3™ soybeans with the Brevant soybean lineup, with 12 new varieties for 2020 planting.


Ask your ag retail or learn more at

®, ™ Trademarks of Dow AgroSciences, DuPont or Pioneer and affiliated companies or their respective owners.  © 2019 CORTEVA. The transgenic soybean event in Enlist E3™ soybeans is jointly developed and owned by Dow AgroSciences LLC and M.S. Technologies, L.L.C. The Enlist weed control system is owned and developed by Dow AgroSciences LLC.