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SPONSORED: Protecting corn seedlings against early-season pests

SPONSORED: Protecting corn seedlings against early-season pests

Corn producers in Eastern Canada face a number of prominent early-season corn pests, including wireworms, white grubs, seedcorn maggots, black cutworms and sometimes early infestations of armyworms. Minimizing the impact of these pests on corn crops requires an integrated approach that combines a number of management practices, including proper crop rotations, conventional tillage and seed treatment.

To minimize the risks from early-season pests, producers should take an integrated approach to management. This includes following proper crop rotation recommendations, using good quality seed and conventional tillage practices.

“Soil pests are patchy, hard to predict and also hard to scout when we compared to other foliar insect pests,” Alam says, adding that most of the time, foliar application of insecticides does not control early soil pests, because the pests don’t directly come in contact with foliar sprays. “Seed treatments are a very effective measure to control these soil and early-season corn pests.”

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