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Three Powerful Fungicides. One Amazing Seed Treatment.

Three Powerful Fungicides. One Amazing Seed Treatment.

Ready to maximize your yield potential this year? Start by maximizing your seed treatment investment. RANCONA® TRIO is an advanced generation seed treatment technology featuring multiple modes of action.

Experience dictates that a strong start for seeds often begins early – with seed treatments and in-furrow fungicide protection. Early disease pressures can give seeds an extra hurdle early on, making the crop more susceptible to injury and stress after emergence. Seed treatments can help prevent pathogenic fungi from infecting the seed for the first few weeks, greatly improving emergence and standability in a young crop.

The three powerful fungicides in RANCONA TRIO work together for contact and systemic activity against a broad spectrum of seed- and soil-borne diseases in cereals. It all adds up to improved crop emergence, increased stands and healthier, more vigorous plants.

The RANCONA flowable application technology provides superior coverage and adhesion, so more active ingredient ends up on your seed, not on your equipment. With better coverage, RANCONA TRIO delivers consistent protection across a range of conditions.

Give your cereal crop a head start this season with RANCONA TRIO.

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