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<center>It’s time you met Miravis<sup>®</sup> – a different kind of fungicide. </center>

It’s time you met Miravis® – a different kind of fungicide.

New Miravis® brand fungicides provide complete, lasting disease protection and plant health benefits across multiple crops – including corn and wheat. So, what sets Miravis® fungicides apart from the pack? Well, they’re powered by a new, breakthrough molecule – called ADEPIDYN® - that packs power, endurance and a broad disease spectrum.

Now, let’s meet two members of the Miravis® family:

Miravis® Neo fungicide lets you manage for quality and yield in your corn crop without compromise. This easy-to-use premix offers powerful, best-in-class protection against the broadest range of corn diseases, including Northern corn leaf blight. Miravis® Neo also helps suppress Fusarium and Gibberella ear rots from pre-tassel through to tassel timing, so you can finish the season strong with a higher-yielding, healthier crop.

Miravis® Ace fungicide stacks the deck in your favour, with preventative and long-lasting protection from Fusarium – even under hot, humid or wet conditions during head emergence and flowering. Miravis® Ace also performs more consistently than the competition throughout the labelled application window, helping you achieve lower DON levels, higher grain quality and improved yields.

Discover even more about Miravis® Ace and Miravis® Neo here.

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