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There’s still time to submit your Manure Expo slogan
This year’s North American Manure Expo is being held virtually, with all of the favorite elements of years last – including the infamous slogan contest, an Expo highlight since 2015.

Officials with the Expo (held Aug. 23-26 online) are still accepting submission for this year’s Top 10 Rejected Manure Expo slogans. You still have now through July 10 to submit your idea – no matter how “crappy” it is.

If your idea passes the smell test, submit it to us here. After we select the most solid slogans, you can vote to determine the Top 10 from July 12 through July 31.

In August, our teams will select the Top 3 slogans. While we won’t be able to hand out T-shirts in person this year, our three winners will receive a small custom gift with their slogan suggestion.

Need some inspiration to pump you up? Check out some of our favorite slogans from past years:
  • NOBODY sticks their nose in our business
  • Immerse yourself
  • Where no one stands behind their product
  • You provide the creek, we provide the paddle
  • Rated M for manure
  • You name the species – we’ve got the feces
  • Nature called – it wants its nutrients back
  • Our grass is always greener
  • Be part of the movement
  • The incredible spreadable
  • Poopapalooza
  • The future of what’s left behind
For more information on the contest and event,
visit: www.manuremanager.com/manure-expo/
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