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Here’s an idea to kickstart farm business planning and ramp it up over time.
If a complex business plan is too much, ease your way into it with 90-day instalments.
When Mike Bossy talks to farm clients about business planning, he likes to start simply. Rather than launch clients on a deep and complex planning process, he poses two questions.
“I’ll ask: ‘what has to happen in the next three years – personally and professionally – for you to be happy with your progress?’” says Bossy, a Woodstock, Ont.-based chartered professional accountant and partner with Bossy Nagy Group Professional Corporation.
Three years can feel like a long way out. Bossy asks clients to instead think of 12 periods of 90 days each. “Then I’ll ask: ‘what five things will you get done in the next 90 days?”
In Bossy’s experience, the first 90-day period could yield important progress or more likely a mixed bag of accomplishments and misses. Even apparent failures can be important learning opportunities. The five-things-in-90 days approach gets the client accustomed to thinking in terms of goals and actions, with a time factor built in.
Bossy recommends that clients share their 90-day actions with farm partners, friends and family. This adds accountability.
Within one or two 90-day periods, farm clients are thinking differently about planning and even getting to enjoy the process.
“Big plans tend to stay on the shelf,” says Bossy. “You can make things happen with a modest approach. Then we can begin to look at strategic planning, business planning, estate planning and more. The key is to simplify.”
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Episode 64: Measuring Return on Investment
Farm business planning guide
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