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Farmers see good (and bad) news in investment program

A key component of the new partnership – that picks up where the last agricultural policy framework Growing Forward 2 wraps up – is a continuation of Business Risk Management programs. However, some groups like the Ontario Federation of Agriculture are disappointed that a cutback will be made to the annual contribution limit of the AgriInvest program.

Concerns for root rots, uneven corn acres in Ontario

A significant number of corn acres are being considered for fungicide treatment, while many areas continue to receive above average rainfall. Keep in mind that this, along with cooler summer temperatures, makes ideal conditions for white mould development and other diseases in soybeans.

Succession success: Cottonwood Holsteins

“My dad always said if his kids wanted to get the farm, he’d be the ‘ultimate partner’ helping with the transition,” says Brent Oswald of Cottonwood Holsteins. He signalled his interest in the farming operation early and his father took note by giving him both responsibility and decision-making power very early on.
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Trees to transform land

Tree-based intercropping – growing trees together with crops – is a historical agricultural practice. These days primarily smallholder farmers use it in tropical systems, but researchers are focused on potential applications in the temperate soils of southern Ontario and Quebec. Are producers up to the challenge? » Read more...
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Perennial cereals: a buffer zone compromise

Until now, the gap between agricultural producers and those who blame those producers for eutrophication has seemed unbridgeable. Farmers argue they have a right to earn a livelihood from their land. Environmentalists – and, increasingly, politicians and laypeople too – argue water quality and the good of all must override farmers’ land use needs. Now, plant breeders are working on developing new perennial cereal crops that may meet the requirements of both sides. » Read more...

Potato Research Day

August 9
Location: Elora, Ont.
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Biochar Field Tour Open House

August 11
Location: Bayfield, Ont.
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