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Limiting seed treatment chemical escapes

A seed treatment is a vital and effective product, so long as it stays on the seeds where it can do its work. When it is released into the surrounding environment, however, it can cause significant political and environmental concern.

Inoculate for higher yields

All plants need nitrogen. While healthy bacteria can occur naturally in the soil, especially in fields that have grown nitrogen-fixing crops like soybeans in the past, sometimes nature requires a little help for increased production.

Exploring management strategies for nematode species

Plant-parasitic nematodes are hidden yield robbers. But research and monitoring efforts are helping to uncover their secrets.
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Kickstart your Soybeans – Optimize® ST

Pre-treat your soybean seed and treat yourself to a better performing crop. Optimize® ST is a dual-action inoculant that combines a specially selected Bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculant with LCO (lipochitooligosaccharide) technology to increase nitrogen fixation through better nodule formation. Enhanced nutrient capability supports root and shoot growth – providing greater yield potential for your crop. To locate your local Monsanto BioAg rep, visit Monsanto BioAg
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Monsanto BioAg’s BioAdvantage Trial 2017 results

The third year of Monsanto BioAg’s BioAdvantage Trials (BAT) was completed in 2017 with a gathering of agronomists, cooperators, and reps to hear the trials results. A major takeaway was that the future state of agriculture biologicals is promising, with a shift in agriculture towards embracing biological products. The 2018 growing season, for Technical Agronomist Jon Treloar, will be “...about introducing more beneficial organisms into the soil to increase yield potential." » Read more...
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Monsanto BioAg has the peat and liquid inoculants you need!

Monsanto BioAg has single-action and dual-action inoculant products in peat and liquid formulations that help to improve your crops yield potential. These various products enhance or improve nitrogen fixation in your pea, lentil, or soybean crop. Read more on the benefits, application, storage, and best practices for this year’s peat and liquid inoculants... » Read more...