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Recent rain results in root rot potential for Ontario

Wet weather increases the risk of root rot, as well as black point or smudge in harvested wheat. Winter wheat yield reports are below average, but better than expected considering the heat and moisture stress endured throughout the season, according to OMAFRA's latest crop report.

AgriRisk Initiatives Program now available

Applications are now open for the AgriRisk Initiatives Program, which will put $55 million of funding toward the exploration and development of risk management products and services for the agricultural sector.

Contingency planning for grain farmers to reduce impact of trade disputes

The Grain Farmers of Ontario urge the federal government to be more active in helping farmers maintain their businesses and minimize the effects of ongoing trade disputes with the United States.
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Sustainable fertilizer management

Canadian crop production would decline by more than 50 per cent in just a few years without the use of commercial fertilizers. It’s important to understand the effects of fertilizers on soil, water and air, so farmers can ensure fertilizers are used responsibly and sustainably. » Learn more
Build soil

Build a soil nutrient budget for your rotations

Financial budgets are about cash-in and cash-out. A conventional nutrient budget works in a similar way, covering inputs and outflows over a single growing season for a field. Researchers at the University of Manitoba are creating a new system and bioassay to help producers balance the nutrients in their fields. » Learn more