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Nov. 20, 2018
Monsanto - BB1

New Crop Missions set to begin

Customers in 17 countries will meet with representatives from Canada’s grain value chain to learn about 2018 Canadian wheat crop quality and functionality, availability and a review of the growing season.

Canada and China plan to double agricultural trade by 2025

The Economic and Financial Strategic Dialogue in Beijing resulted in Canada and China setting the goal of doubling agricultural trade by 2025 and committing to timely approval processes for biotechnology, which include three canola traits in the final stages of their approval process.

Webinar: Corn season in review

In the second instalment of Top Crop Manager’s webinar series, OMAFRA’s Ben Rosser and Manitoba Corn Growers’ Morgan Cott will discuss problems faced by corn producers in 2018 and what can be done looking ahead to next year. Registration is now open.
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Oil Seed

New frontiers for canola meal

Canola’s value lies in its oil while canola meal has traditionally been considered a byproduct suitable only for animal feed. This might change with the start of a new research project, which aims to boost the protein content and quality of canola meal, turning this byproduct into a high value co-product of canola oil and perhaps also a food product for human consumption. » Learn more

Use bin-run soybeans at your own risk

The patent on the first-generation Roundup Ready soybean trait expired in 2011, leaving the temptation for growers to save their own seed or purchase bin-run seed from others. However, old bin-run soybeans seed yielded about five bushels per acre less than the new, most popular varieties and comes with agronomic and legal implications. » Learn more
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Optimize Your Fertilizer

Selecting what fertilizer best fits your operation can be a difficult process — this likely isn’t a surprise to you. With so many factors playing into the equation, how do you decide what details to consider to ensure your crops get the essential nutrients they need? » Read more