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Nov. 27, 2018
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Ontario Corn Committee releases DON initiatives

The Ontario Corn Committee collected samples from several plots across southwestern Ontario and will analyze the samples to help determine the factors associated with DON productions, the range of tolerance among hybrids, and what growers can do to reduce their risk for next year.

Can relay cropping work in Ontario?

It can be a challenge for many grain growers to justify the returns of winter wheat in a cash crop rotation, so several innovative growers across Ontario are experimenting with different ways to continue growing wheat profitably through relay cropping of soybeans and winter wheat at the same time.

New online resources helps growers manage resistance

Manage Resistance Now is an online resource to help growers minimize the development of herbicide, fungicide and insecticide resistance on their farms. The site provides a combination of cultural, mechanical, biological, and chemical control measures to curb resistances and shares firsthand experiences from growers, crop advisors and researchers.
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Focusing on finance – not just the farm

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