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January 29, 2019

Government invests $39.3 million in Canadian field crops

The Canadian government, combined with industry, announced an investment of $67.7 million to four science clusters including barley, wheat, diverse field crops and soybeans. The research will focus on everything from using barley for food, to developing the next generation of Fusarium Head Blight resistant wheat.

New online resource helps producers improve productivity

The Agri-food Management Institute has launched a new online resource called Farm Productivity to help producers increase efficiencies and reduce areas of waste on their farms, including a full module for grain producers.

BASF launches insecticide for soybeans and potatoes

Sefina, BASF’s new insecticide for use on soybean and potato crops, uses Group 9D active ingredient Inscalis to halt aphid feeding, reducing production losses and virus transmission.
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What’s up with boron?

Around 20 per cent of canola growers include boron in their fertility program but is it worth it? Research over the years tends to indicate that a yield response to boron is unlikely under most circumstances, but are the most recent research trials yielding the same results? » Learn more
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Hybrid brown mustard breaking yield barriers

Canada is the dominant exporter of all three mustard types and mustard demand is slowly growing. In 2018, the first hybrid brown mustard was supported for registration and Kevin Hursch, executive director with the Saskatchewan Mustard Development Commission, says mustard hybrids will give Canadian producers a competitive advantage. » Learn more