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April 9, 2019

Fine-tuning nitrogen strategies on corn

A team from the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown Campus reviewed several long-term nitrogen corn trials to find what influenced the most economical rate of nitrogen in Ontario grain corn. They discovered rainfall between V7 and VT corn stages had the greatest correlation, meaning growers could optimize nitrogen use with split applications that respond to rainfall.

AgriStability deadline approaches on April 30

The deadline for Canadian producers to enrol in the AgriStability Program is April 30, 2019. The program offers financial assistance to producers who experience large margin declines due to production loss, adverse market conditions or increased costs.

Video: Bobbi Helgason discusses long-term soil health from a microbiome perspective

Dr. Bobbi Helgason shared how different cropping system management practices affect soil and plant microbiomes at the 2019 Soil Management and Sustainability Summit. In our sixth Speaker Spotlight video, Helgason talks about long-term practices that improve soil health.
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Inter-row spraying holds potential

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan are looking into a new option for weed control in lentil crops: spraying herbicides between the seed rows to control weeds while avoiding contact with lentil plants. If the concept works, growers could spray weeds later into the growing season, and control late-emerging weeds and weeds that are not controlled by the post-emergence applications. » Learn more
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Weather woes

Growers experienced everything from drought to late rains in 2018. For many growers in Western Canada, it was one of the most challenging harvests seen in recent years. Cold, wet fall weather and early snowfalls left thousands of acres unharvested. However, in comparison, the number was less than what was experienced in the difficult harvest season of 2016, according to crop insurance agencies in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. » Learn more
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Why Soil Health is Important

Growers today strive to be as efficient as possible — both for the benefit of their bottom lines, and to be good stewards of the land. It is important to keep in mind the large impact that fertilizer input can have on both. » Learn more