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April 23, 2019

Ontario sees cool start to 2019 growing season

There has been little field activity due to a cool, wet spring according to the latest field crop report from Ontario’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. For 2019, corn acres are expected to be up, while soybeans acres are expected to be down.

Storing mouldy corn in spring

For the Ontario farmers that chose to dry and store their high-DON corn instead of sell it at harvest, spring storage concerns are top of mind. James Dyck with OMAFRA shares storage tips to ensure high-DON corn retains its quality as weather gets warmer.

Increased access to satellite imagery for Climate FieldView users

Based off a new global agreement, farmers will be able to access Airbus satellite data of their fields through Climate FieldView, the digital agriculture platform.
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The factors of soybean planting decisions

Contrary to expectations, research on soybean planting decisions found that beans seeded earlier saw higher yields, regardless of soil temperature. Calendar date proved to have a greater impact on yield than soil temperature, suggesting that there is a longer window for seeding soybeans than originally expected. » Learn more
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Diverse rotations are more profitable

Crop rotation, or lack of, greatly impacts yield, but it also impacts profitability. Data from Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation holds a lot of answers for farmers looking for the most profitable crop rotations over the longer term – and it isn’t wheat-canola. » Learn more