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May 28, 2019

Ontario producers swap corn hybrids to deal with shorter season

Wet weather has stalled provincial seeding progress for corn at 15 per cent, and now growers are starting to switch corn hybrids to lower maturities to make the most of a shorter season.

Saturated soils across Ontario delay seeding

Large parts of southwestern Ontario and pockets in eastern Ontario have saturated surface soil moisture that is more than 10 per cent above average. Seeding progress continues to be delayed in these regions because the saturated soils are unfit for field operations.

Better broadband service coming soon for rural Ontario

The Ontario government will fund the expansion of broadband internet into the southwest region of the province, bringing rural residents closer to getting better high-speed internet.
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Nitrogen fertilizer options for winter wheat

Enhanced efficiency fertilizers are providing farmers with more nitrogen management options for winter wheat. Research out of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Lethbridge, Alta., looked at the best nitrogen application strategies that result in the highest yields and protein levels. While split applications stand out in the results, the choice of how and when to apply fertilizer N still comes down to individual factors. » Learn more
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Monitoring and forecasting soil moisture

Soil moisture is important for crop production and yield outcomes, so keeping track of it is equally as important. Monitoring the soil moisture assists growers with decisions on fertility or other inputs. Recent advancements in moisture monitoring have improved what’s available to growers and allow for soil moisture to be measured in real-time at various scales, including on-farm. » Learn more