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Guidance regarding employees, seasonal workers and COVID-19

Seasonal agricultural workers are exempt from the Canadian border closure, which is good news for the food supply chain. COVID-19 presents additional challenges this year; Canadian governmental resources provide guidance on how to handle them.

To squat or not to squat

Just in time for spring seeding, OMAFRA has released a report on whether reducing tire pressure will reduce soil compaction when taking heavy machinery into the field.

Podcast: Fertilization to improve crop quality with Jeff Schoenau

In this first episode of a six-part series featuring exclusive content from the Plant Health Summit, Jeff Schoenau discusses fertilization as a means of improving crop quality, and how this can beneficially impact human and animal health.
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3 modes of action, 1 powerful product

Miravis® Neo fungicide provides unmistakably powerful protection against the broadest range of corn diseases. The easy-to-use pre-mix delivers best-in-class control of leaf diseases from pre-tassel through tassel, and helps suppress Fusarium and Gibberella ear rots so you can manage for both quality and yield without compromise. Discover how Miravis® Neo can help you end the season with a higher-yielding, healthier crop here.

Always read and follow label directions. Miravis® Neo refers to Miravis® Neo 300SE. Miravis® is a trademark of a Syngenta Group Company. © 2020 Syngenta.
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Something completely different

An effort is underway to develop rice as a commercial crop in southwestern Ontario as part of a collaborative economic development project between Chatham-Kent and China. John Zandstra, a professor at the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown Campus, is working with former graduate student Wendy Zhang and Ontario FangZheng Agriculture Enterprise Inc. on the research and rice trials. » Learn more

New seed treatment induces early germination and root growth

In a happy accident, University of Saskatchewan researchers discovered that, rather than being toxic to seeds, the plant biomass processing treatment to break down lignocellulose that they were analysing enhanced germination instead. A one-time application of the seed treatment results in consistent long-term effects and multiple agronomic responses for a wide range of crops, and shows significant commercial promise for growers. » Learn more
Inputs - The Podcast by Top Crop Manager 

Plant Health Summit: Joy Agnew

In the second episode of our Inputs series providing exclusive coverage of the Plant Health Summit, Joy Agnew, director of applied research at Olds College in Alberta, gives an overview of her work on smart technology in agriculture and its applications – specifically, what is smart ag tech, what the evolution has been and where it is going.
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Eastern Fungicide Guide 2020

The annual fungicide guide, providing information on fungicide products and applications for a variety of crops, specifically for our readers in Eastern Canada. » Learn more