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OMAFRA conducts CLB survey

Tracey Baute, OMAFRA field crop entomologist, asks growers who come across CLB while scouting complete the CLB location survey and provide where the pest is found, what stage they’re at, and how many.

Protect pasture yields by slowing grazing rotation

Maximizing pasture yield requires management, and one of the most important decisions a manager can make is to give their grass enough time to fully recover after being grazed.

Raven unveils OMNi brand, renames DOT

This new product brand highlights Raven’s advancements in autonomous solutions for agriculture with a strategic offering of two integrated products: OMNiDRIVE and OMNiPOWER.
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Stabilize Your Nitrogen and Start Saving Today

Save time. Save effort. Defend crops with a proven nitrogen stabilizer to reduce total labor demands, boost yield potential, and make the most of every minute spent in the field. That’s the power of ANVOL®: a next-generation nitrogen stabilizer from Koch Agronomic Services. Regardless of whether you’re focusing on canola or wheat, growers can take advantage of a lower treatment rate and more efficient handling—all while getting extended protection and optimal performance.
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What’s in a name?

Pea leaf weevil: What’s in a name?

The name “pea leaf weevil” drums up thoughts of an insect gnawing away in a crop of field peas. But as many faba bean growers have found out in recent years, this weevil doesn’t stop in its tracks at the pea field borders. Asha Wijerathna, a PhD candidate at the University of Alberta is finishing up some much-needed research on pea leaf weevil in faba bean, including the first-ever economic threshold. » Learn more
Chickpea health issue

The mystery of the chickpea health issue

Researchers were puzzled by an emerging health issue in chickpea that was first noticed in 2019 and was more widespread in 2020. Could it be root rot? Herbicide carry-over? Insect damage? Nutrient deficiency? Michelle Hubbard, plant pathologist with AAFC-Swift Current, is part of a multidisciplinary task force studying the issue, which has ruled out many factors but not found a definitive answer. Yet. » Learn more

Top Crop Summit

Access the on-demand and recorded live sessions today! » Read more