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OMAFRA: Phytophthora root rot in soybeans

Stem canker, white mould and Pythium root rot all share symptoms with PRR that can lead to misdiagnosis, so careful examination and tissue testing are the best bet for correctly diagnosing this disease.

Ontario looking for projects to address ag labour challenges

A new intake is open to support industry-led projects that promote and attract jobseekers to careers in the agri-food sector and help them gain the skills and training needed to build a successful career.

Updated post-harvest weed control guide

A post-harvest weed control strategy targets perennial and winter annual weeds to prevent them from stealing early season moisture. Use this searchable guide to select herbicide options for post-harvest weed control.
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Koch Anvol

Stabilize Your Nitrogen and Start Saving Today

Your goal has always been the same: produce the strongest, healthiest crop possible while maximizing your return on investment. Now, with nitrogen prices and input costs trending upward, it’s more important than ever to think critically about how you use your time and resources. It’s time to make a plan. Learn how growers are keeping costs in check by extending their protection against ammonia volatilization while simultaneously boosting yield potential with the dual active ingredients of this proven solution.
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Harnessing silicon’s stress-busting power

Harnessing silicon’s stress-busting power

An ever-growing body of evidence shows silicon can be effective in protecting plants against a wide variety of stresses. Field crops, of course, always face some sort of stress during the growing season. For almost three decades, Richard Bélanger and his research group at Université Laval have delved into the complexities of silicon's effects on crops like soybean, wheat and canola. » Learn more...
Top Crop Summit

Top Crop Summit Q&A: Ask a weed scientist

Weeds. They’re everywhere. Breanne Tidemann, research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, fielded agronomist and farmer questions at the Top Crop Summit. Questions included which weeds will cause western Canadian farmers the most grief five years from now,what weed control practices have been successful, and what can be done to slow the development of GR wild oats? » Learn more...
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The impact of drought on crop nutrition

Drought can have devastating effects on crops. Besides moisture stress, dry soil results in limited root activity, preventing roots from effectively taking up nutrients, and limited soil biological activity. In this episode of Inputs, Alan Blaylock, senior agronomist with Nutrien, shares tips and advice on recovering and adjusting fertilizer management strategies after experiencing drought conditions. » Listen now...