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OMAFRA’s 2021 corn ear mould survey shows overall low DON levels

Corn ear moulds and their corresponding mycotoxins (including DON) are present each year in Ontario. Tracking their levels in grain corn helps track disease levels and prevent feed disruptions and illness in livestock.

Bibeau reappointed as federal minister of agriculture

In her tenure, Bibeau has championed women and youth in agriculture through the development of programs and funding, as well as the Canadian Agricultural Youth Council.

FCC’s 2021 trade report connects currency to ag performance

According to FCC, the USD/CAD exchange rate is often used as a metric of competitiveness for Canadian exports, but this fails to accurately assess the global market impact of the strength of other currencies.
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Breeding perennial wheatgrass

Breeding perennial wheatgrass

Perennial intermediate wheatgrass is a multifunctional crop that may as well come straight out of a fairy tale: it’s a hardy, soil-building option for producers that returns reliable yields for food grain and forage year after year. At the University of Manitoba’s plant science department, breeder Doug Cattani has been working to develop Prairie-friendly intermediate wheatgrass cultivars for the last decade. » Learn more...
Unearthing complexities

Unearthing complexities

Soil fungi called arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi are known to provide vital benefits to plants. The use of commercial AMF inoculants in crop production is increasing, but we still have much to learn about their effects on a soil’s resident AMF community and about when their use is likely to be beneficial. Scientists Fran Walley and Miranda Hart are both investigating these issues, but from different perspectives. » Learn more...
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FCC AgExpert

Make better decisions with digital information via FCC AgExpert

Technology should make tasks easier, faster or more secure - and options for managing farm information and data should do the same. In this article, April Popadynec, Product Specialist with FCC AgExpert, explains the value of digitizing farm information, records and data. » Learn more...