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Hit Harder This Fall. Save 50 Cents/Acre

Get results and save. Fall applied PrePass™ XC delivers clean, weed-free fields for 21 days the following spring. Purchase PrePass XC now and SAVE 50¢ per acre.


Manage time and weeds next spring by applying PrePass XC this fall. Proven SoilActive™ technology controls tough broadleaf weeds for 21 days the following spring, guaranteed.

Apply PrePass XC from after harvest until freeze-up, and have confidence knowing your spring weed control work is already done. No worries that a late thaw, excessive moisture or windy conditions will prevent you from fitting in a pre-seed application.

• Excellent winter annual control.
• Multi-modes of action for excellent resistance management.
• 30 minute rainfast guarantee.
• Full service backed by Dow AgroSciences.
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Purchase PrePass XC this fall and save an additional 50¢ per acre. See your retailer to purchase today.

Nothing hits harder or lasts longer. Learn more at