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One-pass application.
You know the last thing a wet field needs is multiple passes. Reduce soil compaction, hours on your equipment, and fuel consumption with ESN® SMART NITROGEN®.

Still dealing with last year’s crop? Save time this spring and get your N down all at once, with your seed. ESN’s controlled-release means it won’t release until soil temperatures are ideal for plant growth.


Minimize Your N loss.
Wet spring weather can be a major concern for N sources that can’t handle it. ESN’s polymer coating was designed to reduce leaching and de-nitrification. Even after heavy rain, ESN will still be in the soil, ready to provide your canola the N it needs. See how it works here.


Peace of mind.
After all the work you put in, there is a lot going on in your canola after planting that is outside of your control. Rest easy knowing that ESN is the ideal source of N for your canola, right from seeding. Because ESN releases in conditions that match the demand of your canola, it won’t release early, reducing your chances of seed injury. For that same reason, ESN will still be providing N to your crop during critical growth stages, ensuring robust growth and higher yields. It’s like ESN is tailored to the needs of your canola.

Trials show ESN’s Flexibility

Trials at last year’s Ag in Motion showed off the incredible flexibility of ESN Smart Nitrogen. Dig into seed safety, application timing and methodology and more with Agrium Senior Agronomist Ray Dowbenko and Marketing Manager Todd Latimer.


Pure performance.
While ease of application and peace of mind are important, you know it all comes down to harvest, and ESN delivers. When ESN is applied at the proper rates, it can increase canola yields between eight to ten percent on average. Pair that yield bump with a single application, lower fuel costs, and less stress and you have the smart way to boost your bottom line this year.

Effective nitrogen? That’s a given.
Responsive nitrogen? That’s amazing.
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