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TIGER 90CR Sulphur | Return on Investment.

Soil fertility and fertilizer management directly influence yield and quality in canola. With a proper nutrient management program in place, your canola yields can reach 60-80 bushels per acre (bu/ac).

Because canola has a high demand for sulphur earlier in the growing season, your sulphur application should be based on the uptake needs of the crop and the anticipated yield to avoid deficiencies. If your soils contain less than 10 parts per million (ppm) of sulphate-sulphur, an additional sulphur application is recommended. In intensive management practices, apply S at 45-60 lbs./ac for top yields and ROI.

Canola also has a high requirement for boron. Like sulphate, boron is mobile in the soil and can move out of the root zone with excessive rainfall or irrigation, leading to deficiencies.

Supply your canola crop with TIGER 90CR®, TIGER XP, or TIGER Boron 2%® to unlock better yields and ROI. For more information about the importance of a nutrient management program in canola production, read our technical bulletin.


Tiger-Sul offers many sulphur-based solutions to maximize nutrient uptake, yield and ROI in canola.


Tiger 90CR

For consistent nutrient distribution and sulphur nutrition for your canola crop, apply TIGER 90CR. TIGER 90CR sets an industry standard for performance by delivering season-long sulphate availability to improve crop performance and maximize yields.




Tiger XP

TIGER XP is composed of sulphur bentonite and a proprietary activator, which sets a new industry standard for higher sulphate release rates. TIGER XP offers consistently higher sulphate levels, providing your canola the nutrients the crop needs throughout the entire growing season.



TIGER Micronutrients

Tiger Micronutrients

In addition to sulphur applications, your canola crop can benefit from an application of boron. Tiger-Sul Boron 2% is formulated with sulphur and micronutrients to boost canola yield and quality.

In fact, in a five-year research trial across seven locations, various application rates of TIGER 90CR, TIGER Boron 2% and TIGER Cu 12% were evaluated compared to the grower’s standard nutrient program. The Tiger products generated positive yield responses, including a 7.1 bu/ac increase with TIGER Boron 2%.

Canola yield response to TIGER products at varied application rates. The values are averages of five years of data across seven locations.



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Learn how micronutrients can unlock a better ROI

In our latest on-demand webinar, we explore how precise application of plant-available sulphur and micronutrients is critical to achieving top yields and strong ROIs. Discover how TIGER MICRONUTRIENTS can deliver the performance needed in today’s intensive cropping systems.



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