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The Demands Facing Agriculture – A Call to Collaborate

The Demands Facing Agriculture – A Call to Collaborate

Few other fields join cutting edge technology with one of the most primitive activities – working the soil to produce food. The increase in farming productivity, even in just the past few years, is staggering. Yet, the challenges going forward continue to be enormous.

Agriculture faces the challenging task of meeting the yields required to feed an ever growing population, and the demands of a consumer that is increasingly interested in knowing where, how and by whom their food was produced.

The answer to these challenges will rely heavily on technology. Not just how the industry has traditionally approached it in improved genetics, but also innovative thinking around more efficient farm management tools and the transfer of information.

Agriculture has an impressive track record of taking a multidisciplinary approach to tackling big problems. Strong relationships, collaboration and partnership will be needed even more so in the future. When we do this well, we can be a shining example to other industries that also face significant challenges in an ever rapidly changing world.

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