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Pick the one with "free" wireworm protection.
As you make your seeding choices this year, don't overlook a cereal seed treatment option that gives you disease and insect protection for the same price as fungicide-only products.

You can pay for wireworm protection with other seed treatments, or just get it with
NipsIt SUITE™. Based on the suggested retail prices of other leading cereal seed treatments, NipsIt SUITE™ provides the all-in-one protection of a fungicide and insecticide, at a similar price to fungicide-only products.

Growers can expect great seed and seedling fusarium control, complete disease protection and industry-leading wireworm control from this product.

NipsIt SUITE™ contains three active ingredients – Group 4 insecticide (clothianadin), Group 3 fungicide (metconazole) and Group 4 fungicide (metalaxyl). Adding wireworm protection is a simple, stronger choice that will add to your bottom line but won't cost you more.

Ask your local retailer for more information.

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Always read and follow label directions.
NipsIt SUITE seed treatment provides suppression of wireworms in cereals and should be used in the presence of pest populations.
NipsIt™ is a trademark of Valent U.S.A. LLC