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If you're still using glyphosate alone for burndown, or choosing a Group 2 herbicide as a tank-mix partner, you may not be getting the weed control you need in canola, cereal, pulse and soybean crops. Turn up the burn on pre-seed weed control with these Nufarm solutions for multiple modes of action that keeps you ahead of tough weed pressure.

  • In cereals and soybeans, BlackHawk® delivers two modes of action with two active ingredients for a burndown solution that doubles as an effective resistance strategy
  • Tank mix with glyphosate to control Group 2- and glyphosate-resistant weeds and volunteers, plus narrow-leaved hawk's-beard and kochia

  • In canola, CONQUER® delivers fast, complete weed control with two active ingredients and two modes of action
  • Tank mix with glyphosate for triple action against kochia, cleavers, narrow-leaved hawk's-beard, volunteer canola, plus Group 9- and Group 2-tolerant volunteers

  • In pulses and cereals, GoldWing® controls the toughest herbicide-resistant weeds in Western Canada
  • Tank mix with glyphosate for early season weed control including Group 2- and glyphosate-resistant weeds and volunteers.

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Always read and follow label directions.
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