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What Would a Farmer Do?

What Would a Farmer Do?

Last fall, you decided to really go for it with your agronomy on your canola – best seed, fertilizer and chemicals – to really push the yields. You had good conditions and things were looking good. Then in August, the bottom fell out. Prices plummeted. Now what?

1. What do you mean, “Now what?” I’ll get the crop off and take what I can get.
2. Hold it and hope the prices go up and nothing goes wrong in the bin.
3. I’m OK, I’ve got Global Ag Risk Solutions so I was confident to market my grain when prices rallied in July.

Maybe Crop Insurance Should Work a Little Harder

Farming is unpredictable, tough, stressful, expensive, risky, thankless…sometimes you do everything right, the weather cooperates and you bring in a bumper crop, and you still don’t win.

Global Ag Risk’s Production Cost Insurance is different from crop insurance. It covers more than just acts of mother nature. When nature doesn’t play nice, you’re covered, and when the market goes crazy, we’ve got your back.

By the way, we also cover bin losses, so you could have chosen 2 as well as 3.

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