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Improving Soil and Plant Performance
Unlike simple humic substances, the finished chemistries in Actagro Liquid Humus have been optimized for agronomic performance. Its unique four-part system delivers by maximizing access to the least soluble, yet most beneficial component of organic matter (Humin), improving water holding capacity, soil structure and maintaining soil stability. The proprietary carbohydrate package provides an energy source to soil microbes, improving overall soil health. See the difference that Actagro Liquid Humus delivers, compared to other standard humic acids.

Actagro Liquid Humus has been proven to replenish the soil via multiple mechanisms as well as maximize plant activity. Research has shown Actagro Liquid Humus to:

Maximize Nutrient Availability By:
• Increasing CEC in the application zone
• Increasing availability and solubility of nutrients
• Reducing the negative effect of variable pH

Moderate Toxicity of Salts By:
• Complexing fertilizer salts reducing root and leaf burn

Improve Plant and Microbial Activity By:
• Providing food sources for beneficial microbes
• Encouraging greater root mass and plant vigor
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Ontario and the Maritimes: 1-800-265-5444
Western Canada: 1-800-561-5444
Quebec: 1-800-361-9369
British Columbia: 1-604-864-2866

For additional information, follow the link below:
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