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One weed can cause hundreds or thousands more in your cereal crop
A single volunteer canola plant can produce up to 500 seeds. For wild buckwheat it's 1,000 seeds. A single cleavers plant produces 3,500, and worse still a kochia plant can generate up to 25,000 seeds.

Enforcer® delivers effective, post-emergent control of all these tough weeds in one convenient application. Curtail®. M provides the best in-crop, systemic action to kill the roots of Canada thistle and other troublesome perennial weeds. Signal® FSU contains four active ingredients for an all-in-one wheat herbicide with trusted post-emergent grass and broadleaf weed control. And Trophy® is a post-emergent herbicide with outstanding control of cleavers, kochia and other hard-to-control annual and winter annual weeds.

Depend on Nufarm's hard-hitting cereal product portfolio to target your toughest weed challenges.

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Always read and follow label directions.
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