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family farm succession
If family farm succession is in your future, the people and services of RBC Royal Bank® can help.  
  Inter-generational family farm succession can be an emotionally-charged process. It's not hard to see why. In any succession plan, the older generation's legacy and the incoming generation's aspirations need to be reconciled. This is complex, emotional territory.

By contrast, the financial side of the succession can be approached more objectively. The goal is to transfer assets between generations at a fair price for all parties while minimizing tax liabilities. Issues such as financial structure (corporations vs. sole proprietorships vs. individual title), book value and market value quickly come into play.
  "There's also a balance to be struck between paying off mortgages and loans as soon as possible, and maintaining an adequate level of working capital for the farm's day-to-day operations," says Paddock.

"Beyond structuring the new owners' banking arrangements, we can also contribute ideas on growing the farm business while managing risk. As you go through your family's succession journey, we'll be with you every step of the way."

- Gwen Paddock,
Vice President, South Western Ontario Agriculture for RBC Royal Bank
  The older generation needs a predictable, secure income to fund their living expenses, vacations and other activities during their retirement years. The younger generation needs to assume ownership and management of the farm business on terms that are sustainable. In some cases, succession involves not two generations, but three.

Valuation is key. If farm assets are under-priced, the older generation could find it difficult to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in the coming years. If farm assets are priced too high, the future viability of the farm could be called into question.

If family farm succession is in your future, the people and services of RBC Royal Bank can help.

As Gwen Paddock, Vice President, South Western Ontario Agriculture, RBC Royal Bank, explains, for the younger or incoming generation, it is critically important to structure farm liabilities in a way that reflects the useful lifespan of the asset being financed.

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