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Not One But Two Stand-Up Wheats
It Has It All!
It’s not just a top yielder, it’s the whole package. CDC Landmark VB is the first midge tolerant wheat that is ultra high yielding, semi-dwarf, and protects against fusarium head blight. This isn’t just a slam dunk for midge tolerant wheats, it’s a great replacement for all CWRS wheats. CDC Landmark VB really has it all.
  • Top of class standability
    • Shortest CWRS-VB available
  • Top-in-class yield; up to 113%* of the check
  • Wheat midge tolerant
*Source: 2018 Sask Seed Guide
The Stand-Up Wheat
AAC Viewfield is the shortest CWRS and stands poker straight, making production and harvest a breeze. It’s a top yielder with good resistance to fusarium head blight (FHB) and sprouting. AAC Viewfield is a high yielding, stand-up bet for all areas of Western Canada.
  • Top of class in standability and harvestability
    • Shortest CWRS available
  • Very high yielding; up to 109%* of the check
  • High protein and good sprouting resistance
*Source: 2018 Alberta Seed Guide
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