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You already know Infinity® FX is one of the market’s best resistance management tools. It’s trusted by growers across Western Canada to control the toughest broadleaf weeds. Well, we just made the best a whole lot better with a NEW 3-in-1 co-formulation—which makes it a whole lot more convenient, too.

Now, you get control of over 27 different broadleaf weeds like kochia (up to 15 cm) and cleavers (up to 9 whorls). And, NEW sizes are available for easy bulk applications.

With Infinity FX’s 3 powerful herbicide groups working together as one, the difference is clear: there’s strength in numbers.
  NEW Infinity FX
now comes in one convenient co-formulation with a new rate of 405ml/ac.
Jug Drum Tote
8.1 L 129.6 L 405 L
20 acres 320 acres 1,000 acres
See the difference a 3-in-1 herbicide can make.

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