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What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?


The average person spends years of their lives waiting — on hold, in line, for the rain to end, for their fields to thaw.

But at Falco™, we’re tired of waiting. And we’re hungry for change. So, we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. Because the time for innovation in agriculture is now, and Canadian farmers deserve to be on the cutting edge.

We’re Falco™ Seed, and we like to think of ourselves as a different breed. Developed by Cibus™, Falco™ canola is the next step in hybrid genetics, and we’re bringing beneficial traits to market faster than ever before.

We’re looking for bold farmers and retailers who are ready to get in on the ground floor of something revolutionary. We want to bring innovation back to Canadian ag — but to succeed, we need your help.

If you’re ready for change, let’s make it happen.

What are you waiting for?