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  If you haven’t used N-Serve™ or eNtrench™ to protect your nitrogen, it could be anywhere. After application, soil bacteria begin to destabilize your nitrogen, leaving it vulnerable to leaching and denitrification.

N-Serve and eNtrench are positive influences that protect your nitrogen, preventing it from being led astray. By stabilizing your nitrogen, N-Serve and eNtrench keep nitrogen in the root zone where crops need it most, leading to increased yields:

8% increase in canola yield
6% increase in wheat yield
7% increase in corn yield

N-Serve and eNtrench deliver these yield results by reducing leaching by 16% and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by 51%.

This spring, rest easy. Protect your nitrogen with N-Serve or eNtrench and maximize your yield and profit. See your retailer to purchase. Learn more at

  Corteva Agriscience

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