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Hi-Gest™ Performance
Backed by Proven® Seed
The latest class of alfalfa, Hi-Gest, improves the rate and extent of fiber digestibility. What does it mean for you? An improved leaf-to-stem ratio and greater canopy density ensures better quality hay for your cows to ingest, leading to higher milk production potential.

2.5 Pounds or More of Milk, Per Cow, Per day

Hi-Gest varieties offer a 5-10% increased rate of fiber digestion and a 3-5% increase in crude protein compared to conventional varieties, translating into more milk per cow, every day.

With new PV Parlour HG, you get an alfalfa seed that’s Proven. Expect better digestibility, more protein and higher milk potential while maintaining the yields, persistence and multiple pest resistance you expect from Proven Seed.

Get more from your alfalfa, with PV Parlour HG. Get started today at


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