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Save this spring with new broadleaf herbicides from Corteva Agriscience™ for your cereal crops
  This season, elite growers are being briefed on a new secret weapon for barley in the fight against the prairie’s toughest weeds.

  • Cross Spectrum Performance: Unparalleled control of the widest range of broadleaf weeds, including kochia, narrow-leaved hawk's-beard and wild buckwheat, alongside leading Group 1 grass control.
  • Rotational Freedom: Defeat Canada thistle, perennial sow thistle and dandelion with rotational freedom to lentils and chickpeas the following year.
  • Easy Tank Mixing: Tank mixed with MCPA herbicide, count on multi-mode of action control for effective resistance management.
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Contact your local retail to purchase Avenza™. To learn how you can save big with Flex+ Rewards visit
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