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New Inferno<sup>®</sup> Trio Herbicide offers unprecedented burndown weed control in wheat.

New Inferno® Trio Herbicide offers unprecedented burndown weed control in wheat.

This spring, Arysta LifeScience Canada will launch Inferno® Trio Herbicide for use in spring wheat. It will be available in limited supply this year, and be widely available by 2020, says Trent McCrea, Arysta LifeScience Portfolio Marketing Manager for Canada.

Inferno Trio will build on five years of success with its predecessor, Inferno Duo Herbicide. Both products contain flucarbazone, a highly successful Group 2 that provides growers extended control of key grass weeds like wild oat and green foxtail.

In addition, Inferno Trio contains florasulam and carfentrazone for enhanced and extended control of hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds, including Group 2 and Group 9 resistant kochia, cleavers, wild buckwheat, and all types of canola volunteers, including Roundup Ready® canola.

“Inferno Trio is going to be a really valuable product to use when growers are in a hurry," says McCrea. "Inferno Trio is a concentrated, easy to use, liquid formulation. One 3.24-litre jug of Inferno Trio treats 80 acres."

McCrea continues: "It is very easy to mix in the tank with glyphosate or surfactant which makes Inferno Trio very user-friendly."

When Inferno Trio is mixed with glyphosate, the unique combination of four active ingredients has three modes of action—Group 2, Group 9, and Group 14—for effective resistance management.

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