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Maximize establishment of your winter wheat with Raxil PRO and Raxil PRO SHIELD.
Help your winter wheat
get through the winter with
Raxil PRO or Raxil PRO SHIELD

As a Canadian farmer, you know that there are no guarantees in the field and if you're planning on growing winter wheat, you need to give it the best possible start. Protect your crop from seed and soil-borne diseases with Raxil® PRO or Raxil PRO SHIELD seed treatment, the #1 selling cereal seed treatment in Canada for 10 years running.1
Treating your winter wheat seed with Raxil PRO or PRO SHIELD can help increase the plant stand of your winter wheat crop, resulting in better overwintering when compared to the untreated check. So give your winter wheat crop the best possible start, because ultimately, when your winter wheat crop emerges stronger, so do you.
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Raxil PRO products
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